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1.Good shock-absorbing system

The shock-absorbing system can help operating personnel to hold the machine comfortably, which is good for relieving fatigue.
Way of realization: To realize by vibration control system, increase the comfort level by soft rubber handle.

2.Accurate speed control switch

The rotational speed is lower when touching the switch, which can help the machine to pull out of hole stably (for example, when the machine is used to pull out of hole on ceramic tile or other smooth surface, it can prevent skidding, and protect the drill hole from being cracked).
When in normal work, the machine can run at high speed to ensure efficiency.

3.Stable and reliable safety clutch

It also called torque limitation clutch, can prevent from transferring high torque counter-acting force arising from stuck drill bit to users, this is a safety protection for users.
Furthermore, it also can prevent gear device and motor from stopping.

4.All-sided safety device

It is inevitable that granular matters enter the machine in use (especially when the machine is used for drilling upwards, such as drilling on wall top).
If the motor is not protected, it is very easy to break or scrape enameled wires during high-speed rotation, and may cause failure of motor at last.

5.Forward and reverse rotation

It provides the electric hammer a wider application range, and is mainly realized by a switch or by regulating the position of carbon brush.
Famous-brand tools can realize forward and reverse rotation by regulating the position of carbon brush (rotating the brush carrier) generally, which makes operation convenient, effectively inhibits spark to protect commutator, and prolongs the service life of motor.